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Automotive pump
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BLDC pump DC50D 12v /24V 8m 2700L/H
Brand: Bluefish
Product Code: DC50D
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Product Description

Product Application

Our BLDC pump widely used in electric automotive cooling systems, automated equipment water cycle, water cooling and other electrical appliances, water dispenser, sanitary products, paper shredders, soilless cultivation, plumbing mattresses, air pump, aquarium fish tank,desktop crafts, foot bath, plumbing mattresses, water heaters, PC water cooling, water cooling fan, medical devices, pharmaceutical systems, chemical circulation systems,cooling system, water-cooled air-conditioning, water cooling fan, mobile bath, solar fountain, solar circulation system, water supply systems, small irrigation systems, water treatment systems, automobile circulation systems, automotive heating systems, machine tools, household appliances, kitchen appliances, bathroom products, hot water circulation system ,etc


1.Dimension and weight:

2.External diameter of outlet:20mm

3.External diameter of inlet:20mm

4.Driving mechanism:Brush-less, magnetic isolated design

Material of pump shell:ABS,PES/SPS/PPS/PA66+30%GF (Optional)

Condition of use:Can continuously work, submersible or land use (not self-priming)

Suitable medium:Water, oil, acid/ alkaline liquids(Pre-test needed for special liquid)

Max working temperature:60℃(for T sub-series) or 100℃(for S/A sub-series)

Power consumption:
2.5W~48W(for T sub-series) or 2.5W~86.4W(for S/A sub-series)

10.Rated voltage:12Vdc or 24Vdc

Working voltage range:
5Vdc ~ 14Vdc or 5Vdc ~ 26Vdc

12.Max load current:2.0A (for T sub-series) or 4.5A(for S/A sub-series)

13.Max horizontal flow rate:32L/MIN(for T sub-series) or 45L/MIN(for S/A sub-series)

14.Max static lift:4M(for T sub-series) or 8M(for S/A sub-series)

15.Noise class:<40dB

16.Waterproof class:IP68(suitable for submersible installation)

Life span:>30,000hrsIP68(suitable for submersible installation)

Power supply:Suitable solar panel, batteries, adapter or other power source

Protection function:Dry-run protection, lock protection(customized function)

Power regulation function:Speed adjustable by PWM signal, 0~5V analog signal or potentiometer (functions are optional for customization)

Feature:small size with high efficiency,maintenance-free
    Use ceramics shaft and carbon fiber sleeve
    Completely water proof (IP68)
    Brush-less dc control without pollution, long life span
    OEM and ODM service accept
    Offer Pump related control system design
  Pump parameter:
  DC50D-1260S: 12V,4A,6M,35L/H,48W
  DC50D-2480S: 24
Difference between 2phase & 3phase brushless DC pump
2phase (T sub-series)
Hall sensor driving, circuit board should be placed inside pump body
 3 phase(S/A sub-series)
1)NOTE that 3phase dc is completely different with 3phase AC; 3phase DC means 3 pairs of magnetic polarity & sensor-less, power supply the same with common DC pump
2)Intelligent program-driving, sensor-less, circuit outside of pump body (main factor that pump can be high-temperature resistant)
3)Speed adjustable by PWM, 0~5V signal or potentiometer(optional)
4)Lock protection,reverse-connected protection, over-vol.&over-current protection,
5)Soft start, no current impact, can be contact directly with solar panel
Head and Flow Curve
Pump Structure

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