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Automotive pump
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DC 12V Electric Water Pump Automotive for Electric vehicles Circ
Brand: Bluefish
Reward Points: 5
Features Sine Wave Silent Technology, Noise less than 40dB; Default with water shortage and stuck protection


  1. Sine Wave Silent Technology, Noise less than 40dB;
  2. Default with water shortage and stuck protection functions;
  3. Brushless DC motor, Magnetic Driven, Small size & High Efficiency;
  4. Long time continuous working, lifespan more than 20000 hours;
  5. Safety – no spark, Explosion-proof, IP68, 100% waterproof;
  6. Can be used to pump water, oil, acid and alkali solution.
  7. Specifications
    NO. Item Specs
    1 Dimension and weight 100mmx150.3mmx123mm;893g
    2 External diameter of outlet 20mm
    3 External diameter of inlet 20mm
    4 Driving mechanism Brush-less, magnetic isolated design
    5 Material of pump shell ABS,PES/SPS/PPS/PA66+30%GF (Optional)
    6 Condition of use Can continuously work, submersible or land use (not self-priming)
    7 Suitable medium Water, oil, or normal acid/ alkaline liquids
    (Pre-test needed for special liquid)
    8 Max working temperature 120°C
    9 Power consumption 80W/100W
    10 Rated voltage 12Vdc or 24Vdc
    11 Working voltage range 5Vdc ~ 14Vdc or 5Vdc ~ 26Vdc
    12 Max load current 6.6A/4.2A
    13 Max horizontal flow rate 3000L/H 3300L/H
    14 Max static lift 10M/12M                                
    15 Noise class <40dB
    16 Waterproof class IP68(suitable for submersible installation)
    17 Life span >30,000hrsIP68(suitable for submersible installation)
    18 Power supply Suitable solar panel, batteries, adapter or other power source
    19 Protection function Dry-run protection, lock protection(customized function)
    20 Power regulation function Speed adjustable by PWM signal, 0~5V analog signal or potentiometer (functions are optional for customization)
    22 Feature
    • small size with high efficiency,maintenance-free
    • Use ceramics shaft and carbon fiber sleeve
    • Completely water proof (IP68)
    • Brush-less dc control without pollution, long life span
    • OEM and ODM service accept
    • Offer Pump related control system design

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