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Automotive pump
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12V 24V Electric Water Pump Automotive for Electric Vehicles DC-
Brand: Bluefish
Product Code: DC80E
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Main Features

1. Sine Wave Silent Technology, Noise less than 40dB;
2. Default with water shortage and stuck protection functions;
3. Brushless DC motor, Magnetic Driven, Small size & High Efficiency;
4. Long time continuous working, lifespan more than 20000 hours;
5. Safety - no spark, Explosion-proof, IP68, 100% waterproof;
6. Can be used to pump water, oil, acid and alkali solution.

Difference between 2phase & 3phase brushless DC pump
2phase (T sub-series)
Hall sensor driving, circuit board should be placed inside pump body
 3 phase(S/A sub-series)
1)NOTE that 3phase dc is completely different with 3phase AC; 3phase DC means 3 pairs of magnetic polarity & sensor-less, power supply the same with common DC pump
2)Intelligent program-driving, sensor-less, circuit outside of pump body (main factor that pump can be high-temperature resistant)
3)Speed adjustable by PWM, 0~5V signal or potentiometer(optional)
4)Lock protection,reverse-connected protection, over-vol.&over-current protection,
5)Soft start, no current impact, can be contact directly with solar panel
How to Choose

1. Confirm your operating voltage, current, head, flow, and the size of inlet & outlet. In general, there is no flow when the head achieve the maximum head marked by factory. So if you require the pump is able to meet a certain height and also meet a certain flow, you should choose a higher maximum head than you need. Please consult us or refer to the performance curves.
2. Confirm the shape requirements, such as the type of interface, the direction of inlet & outlet, etc.
3. Confirm the working environment, such as the temperature, the medium, etc.
4. Confirm the functional requirements, such as the time control, the flow control, the speed control, etc.
5. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions need our help during choose the pump.

Pefrormance Curve
Pump Structure
How to install

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