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Sailing, the dream starts here!

"Bluefish" professional DC variable frequency water pump, adopt "BLUEFISH" integrated into intelligent control chip, because its unparalleled performance will become the darling of the DC variable frequancy water pump industry. Bluefish is committed to research and development, production and sales of all kinds of aquarium water pump, DC inverter mute solar water pump, energy saving pump, new household booster pump, the new energy automotive electronic pump, non-standard military pump, water pump and energy saving landscaping aquatic products, while the "physical production enterprises" based on the research and development center, adhere to the original. Constantly create new products, create technology, improve technology, create new value. The "Bluefish" to create a Hi-tech international brand and fish tank energy-saving pump brand in China, our promoting to reform in  research and development,production,operation and other aspects .

BLUEFISH TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED will become a production company, with segments of the market's top technology and brand, to achieve our vision, leading China DC pump company! Create value for users with top technology, products and brand! In the future, we will quickly and flexibly cope with markets and users change, constantly get support from users all over the world and regions, build our company into a reliable enterprises in society. Bluefish in the future, it is full of sunshine, green and laugh, will creating a world-class original products, contribute to create a prosperous and harmonious society. Create value for customers, provide multi-choices for consumers , establish platform for dealers to provide top brand and high-quality products , we can continue to provide satisfactory products to customers, to meet customer demand.”We are stand,because of the dream,it’s not only love,but also quest for perfection”, concentration and long-term pursuit, will bring commercial products unparalleled dream work. Bluefish as a challenging of new electronic DC pump enterprises in the world, we set a high standard of performance and moral behavior. The Bluefish business principles are based on these core values, we advocate that trust, openness, cooperation and team spirit of occupation attitude, and we are proud of our career, everything will go beyond conventional, beyond imagination.

Bluefish slogan: "Wisdom & Technology " and "Customer First" idea.
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