Bluefish DC Submersible Water Pump
Bluefish DC Submersible Water Pump
There are many kinds of medical equipment, but their functions are all the same, all are in the critical moment to implement rescue, cure the patient's auxiliary equipment, but medical equipment instrument does not start the machine is already, a start machine may have to work less for a few hours, more than ten and a half months, which will produce heat regardless of the size. It needs to circulate water through the water pump and bring more heat.
DC medical equipment brushless DC, permanent magnet drive, maintenance free, long life, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption.
The stator and rotor of the pump are completely isolated, and the stator and the circuit board are sealed by epoxy resin, which is completely waterproof.
High precision ceramics are used for pump shaft and bushing.
Parameter adjustable and customizable.
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